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There are five distinct levels of arson accusations in New York, coupled with a number of affirmative defenses. The crime of setting fire to property or buildings without consent is called arson. To distinguish the type of property involved, the fires that are started, and the potential for injury to others, the definition of arson has been further broken down. The New York District Attorney’s Office has very strict tolerance for this crime due to its destructive and dangerous nature and the potential harm it can cause. It is crucial to contact our legal team immediately if you are charged with this crime. Call Benjamin Greenwald to receive guidance and a complimentary consultation.

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The New York District Attorney’s office has a very low tolerance for this felony due to its destructive, dangerous, and potential for injury to others. It is crucial that you contact our legal team as soon as possible if you have been accused of committing this felony. For advice and a free consultation, get in touch with the Law Offices of Benjamin Greenwald.

Most people know this offense as the act of lighting a fire to cause damage to property or buildings. The Penal Code Section SS150 defines arson in New York. Section SS150.00 refers to a building as anything that is not a structure, vehicle, vehicle, or watercraft and is used for overnight lodging or for the conduct of business.

This is a willful and malicious offense. The District Attorney will only need to prove that the fire was intentionally set. This is a crime against ownership and possession, so it can be committed by anyone setting fire to their home.

This crime can be classified into five levels. The following factors will determine which degree you will be applying:

  • The intent of the defendant
  • If human life was at risk
  • It is not clear if anyone was actually hurt

The type of building involved can also have an impact on the arson charge. A nonresidential building that is unoccupied will not be as heavy as one that is occupied.

5 The degree Arson can be considered a misdemeanor offense and is punishable with less than one year in prison. All other levels of this crime can be considered felonies. The second and first degrees of arson are considered violent felonies and come with harsher punishments. Arson in the first level is the most serious offense and is considered an A-1 violent felony. This offense carries a minimum sentence of 15 years imprisonment and a maximum sentence that can be up to 25 years. You should know that affirmative defenses can be used to reduce or dismiss the charges.

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