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Protecting Your Rights Against Violent Crime Charges

The outcome of any criminal case depends heavily upon the evidence — how it was collected, whether tests are accurate and what the evidence actually reveals. Criminal defense attorney Benjamin Greenwald understands the key to getting the best possible outcome when fighting an assault or other violent crime charge is to review the evidence thoroughly and use it to a defendant’s advantage.

Attorney Greenwald is a litigator first and foremost with extensive courtroom experience. He knows what it takes to win at trial, and he does not hesitate to go above and beyond. He will never talk you into taking a plea deal when going to trial could get you a better result.

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Assault Crimes Attorney Middletown NY

Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Listens to You

Benjamin Greenwald has successfully defended many clients who were charged with violent crimes, including:

  • First- and second-degree murder and manslaughter
  • Assault
  • Armed robbery
  • Domestic violence
  • Kidnapping

In these types of cases, we understand how false allegations can be leveled to gain leverage over you, especially in domestic violence cases. Benjamin Greenwald will not hesitate to attack the accounts of alleged victims if he finds weaknesses or inconsistencies.

Attorney Greenwald is both diligent and creative in searching for ways to reach the best possible outcome for his clients. This approach has resulted in a record of great results for those charged with a violent crime, including having won a case using an insanity defense, which most lawyers will tell you is a very hard way to win a case. Very few criminal defense law firms have done this successfully, but attorney Greenwald is one of them.

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