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Benjamin Greenwald

Criminal Defense Attorney

From his offices in Orange County, New York, criminal defense attorney Benjamin A. Greenwald has spent over a decade fighting to protect the rights and freedom of clients throughout the region. He has represented thousands of clients, and has tried and won numerous cases at the county, state and federal levels. He has also argued appeals in both the appellate term and the appellate division.

Attorney Greenwald has focused much of his career on representing people who have been accused of crimes. Unlike many criminal defense attorneys in Middletown, he never worked for the government as a prosecutor. He has always served the accused throughout his career and believes in sticking with the accused through even the most challenging situations — doing whatever it takes within the bounds of the law to achieve a successful outcome.

Attorney Benjamin Greenwald

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In fact, Benjamin Greenwald is known for success at trials where other attorneys have failed. He is one of the few attorneys in Orange County who has won a case on an insanity defense, an uphill legal battle in today’s court system. It is difficult to legitimately use an insanity defense, and the defense is rarely successful. In fact, statistics show that lawyers raise the defense only about nine times in every 1,000 cases. When it is raised, it is only effective about 20 percent of the time. Benjamin Greenwald’s criminal defense work is part of that small percentage.

In drug- and alcohol-related cases or violent crimes, prosecutors often rely on Breathalyzer test results, drug screens, forensic analysis and other scientific evidence. The facts can be complex, and it takes a smart, knowledgeable attorney to spot potential problems or solutions. Attorney Ben Greenwald has an extensive background in anatomy and physiology so, when it comes to complex case evidence, he has the scientific knowledge necessary to spot things that just don’t add up. This knowledge often works to his clients’ advantage, helping our Orange County law firm to win cases and settle matters in our clients’ favor.

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Because he is a trial attorney with extensive courtroom experience, he is not afraid of going to trial. He knows what it takes to win in the courtroom, and he does not hesitate to go above and beyond. He will never talk you into taking a plea deal when going to trial could get you a better result.

He was admitted to the New York State Bar in 2001. He was subsequently admitted to the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Federal Districts in New York. He has represented clients in courtrooms throughout Greater New York, including in Orange, Ulster, Sullivan and Bronx counties, as well as Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Mr. Greenwald’s service and accomplishments away from the legal profession include serving on the board of ADAC (Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Council) of Orange County. He has also been involved in politics and a variety of political organizations in the Hudson Valley, reaffirming his commitment to the Greater Orange County community.

No matter what you’re up against — no matter how great the odds — contact the leading defense attorneys in Orange County, NY, who will truly fight for you. Contact Benjamin Greenwald. Our main law office is located in Middletown, New York.

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