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At the Law Office of Benjamin Greenwald, NY DWI/DUI Attorney, we represent people who have been accused of driving drunk in New York state. Our clients include a range of people, including professionals, hardworking adults, college students, parents, and teens with new driver’s licenses. No matter what your situation, we can help.

Whether this is your first-offense DWI or your fourth offense — whether you were under 21 or of legal drinking age — even if you had a passenger under 16 in your vehicle — our Orange County criminal defense attorneys can protect your rights and your freedom.

Law Enforcement Performing DWI Test

DUI arrests don’t just happen from 9 to 5. We are available 24 hours a day to better serve you. Contact our office in Middletown today to schedule a consultation.

Protect Your Rights When You Face DUI Charges

DWI is a matter that should be taken seriously. Even on a first offense, you may face up to a year in jail, pay fines and court fees, lose your driver’s license and have to submit to mandatory alcohol screening.

In these cases, prosecutors often rely on breath and blood tests. With serious consequences at stake, many people wonder if they should have taken the breath test. New York, however, has an implied consent law, which will likely mean losing your license for at least a year if you refuse.

It may seem like a no-win situation, but the facts of each case are different. Attorney Greenwald has an extensive background in anatomy and physiology, giving him the knowledge necessary to spot things that just don’t add up.

For example, the breath testing equipment may have been improperly calibrated or police may have lacked a legal reason to pull you over. If even one thing is wrong, it can destroy the case against you and lead to dropped charges or a finding of “not guilty” at trial.

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The best way to protect your rights is to contact us immediately — as soon as you know that you are in trouble. This gives our NY DWI/DUI Attorneys a head start on gathering evidence for your criminal case.

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