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Experienced Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyer

Benjamin Greenwald is an experienced NY sex crimes attorney, located in Middletown. Merely being accused of committing a sex crime can damage a person’s reputation and cause a great deal of stress and pain.

If you are being investigated for any type of sex crime, or if you are already facing charges, you need a criminal defense lawyer who will help you put together an aggressive defense. At the Law Office of Benjamin Greenwald, which serves clients throughout Orange County, New York, we can provide that defense.

Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney With the Skills and Resources to Fight for You

Depending on the evidence against you, we may work with private investigators, forensic experts, polygraphists and other experts who can evaluate your case and testify on your behalf. We also interview witnesses against you to look for weaknesses in their stories.

Our founder, experienced criminal defense attorney Benjamin Greenwald, has the scientific background needed to analyze and understand any physical forensic evidence against you.

Having an attorney who understands the science of DNA evidence means having an attorney who can better dispute that evidence, no matter what charges you are facing, including:

  • Rape, attempted rape and statutory rape
  • Lewd conduct, peeking and indecent exposure
  • Prostitution and loitering
  • Crimes against children
  • Possession of illegal pornography
  • Failure to register as a sex offender

Attorney Greenwald, NY Sex Crimes Attorney, is also comfortable with today’s high-tech tools, and our firm has achieved favorable outcomes in sex crimes cases involving computers. A recent victory was for a client who was caught with thousands of images of child pornography on a personal computer. We got him a sentence below the minimum federal sentencing guidelines.

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False sex crime accusations are common. An alleged sex criminal who is not properly represented by a reputable criminal lawyer or law office that is experienced in sex crime charges could face a hefty fine and significant jail time for something he or she did not do.

Contact the Benjamin Greenwald Law Office at 845-567-4820 to schedule a confidential consultation at our office in Middletown. Se habla español. All major credit cards accepted.