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In the state of New York, a conviction for a drug-related offense might result in the loss of driving privileges and professional licenses, hefty fines, lengthy prison sentences, and a permanent criminal record that could hinder future possibilities to get college financial aid or employment. In the state of New York, drug related offenses are regarded to be extremely serious felonies, and if you have been charged, you must immediately retain a New York criminal defense attorney.

It makes no difference whether you have been charged with simple possession, distribution, trafficking, or manufacturing of a restricted substance. In any of these instances, a conviction could have unfavorable consequences. For a drug accusation to be effectively defended, your attorney must have experience handling criminal defense matters.

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New York State Drug Crimes Laws

In the state of New York, drug criminal statutes encompass a vast array of acts including the use, cultivation, and production of illegal narcotics.

Call our New York drug crime attorney at the Law Offices of Benjamin Greenwald if any of the aforementioned crimes apply to your situation. Our attorney is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to your questions and concerns.

New York has some of the strictest drug regulations in the country, and drug trafficking is no exception. Multiple sorts of drug possession may constitute drug trafficking offenses, including the production, transport, distribution, and sale of illegal substances. To be prosecuted with any sort of drug possession, an individual must have knowingly and unlawfully had a controlled substance. Although there are additional aspects that can affect the severity of a person’s punishment for drug trafficking, the penalties will largely depend on the weight and quantity of the substances involved and may necessitate a Federal Criminal attorney.

As with all other types of drug possession, drug trafficking charges are charged as felonies and misdemeanors, which can carry severe penalties. The charges may vary from class E to A crimes and may result in life in prison and substantial fines. The classification of a crime can vary depending on the type of drug, with more hazardous narcotics incurring harsher punishments, and the defendant’s intent to sell to children.

First-time offenders who are deemed minor drug traffickers may receive a sentence of 1-2 years in jail, whilst large drug traffickers may be sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. The lowest penalties is $5,000, while the maximum is the double of the defendant’s profit from the attempted drug sale, or $100,000.

Those convicted of a drug trafficking crime may face further sanctions upon the completion of their sentence. A felony of class A for drug trafficking will entail seven years of post-release supervision. A felon will also have to cope with the inconvenience of a criminal record, which can make it much more difficult to maintain employment and will likely affect housing options.

If you are facing drug trafficking allegations, seek legal counsel immediately. At the Law Offices of Benjamin Greenwald, our attorney has a thorough understanding of criminal law and can assist you by attempting to minimize or dismiss your drug charges wherever possible. We will preserve your legal rights whether you are a first-time offender facing a Class E felony charge or a repeat big drug trafficker.

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