What Documentation Do I Need For A Personal Injury Claim?

Following an accident, you may be inundated with paperwork. This may include medical bills, police reports, insurance claims, and other related expenses. Your personal injury attorney in Orange County, NY will require specific evidence to prove your case.

The insurance company of the party at fault will not pay a claim without supporting evidence of the accident, the injury, and the property damage that resulted from the accident. Whether it was a work-related accident, a motor vehicle collision, or a slip-and-fall, there are certain documents that are required to support your claim.

It is important to note that New York has a statute of limitations as well. This statute limits the amount of time you have to file a claim for personal injury. That is three years from the date of the accident in Orange County, NY.

When you are preparing your personal injury case, there is a great deal to know and keep track of.

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Organized Following an Accident

Benjamin Greenwald receives clients in varying stages of organization with their documentation. Whether you bring all of your documents or just a few, we will review the facts of your case and let you know what else is needed to support your claim during your free consultation.

By employing simple organization techniques, you will have all the necessary documents at your fingertips.

Consider purchasing an expandable file folder for document storage. Label each tab with the type of document, and they will be readily accessible when required.

The Potentially Necessary Supporting Documents

Not all cases require each document, and not every document is listed here. This is a general list of items that may be necessary if you file a claim or lawsuit following an accident.  For instance, following a worker’s compensation accident or a slip-and-fall at work, your attorney may request additional documentation.

Your personal injury attorney will find it helpful if you provide a brief summary of the accident in writing.

This consists of:

  • Date
  • Location Type of mishap
  • A concise summary of your injuries
  • The names of those involved

Who are the witnesses?

Contact us immediately to discuss your case and learn precisely what documentation you must maintain.

Following an accident or injury, we have assisted a large number of individuals similar to you in obtaining the compensation they deserved.

Medical Bills for Diagnosis and Treatment

It is imperative that you keep every medical bill from every provider you see. These bills should also be organized by date. Depending on the severity of your injury, your bills and medical records can grow rapidly.

Consider placing a log sheet at the front of the folder so that you can quickly find the desired record.

This folder or section of your expandable file folder contains bills and records from therapists, physicians, hospitals, psychologists, and ambulance services from the date of the accident to the present.

You should also keep records of any dental treatment, prescription medications, medical devices, or imaging studies related to the accident. One type of compensation following an accident caused by another party covers medical costs. The amount you can expect is primarily determined by the total accident-related medical expenses you can document.

Income Loss and Wage Verification

Request a letter from your employer documenting lost wages as a result of your accident-related injury.

Additionally, keep a copy of your pay stubs and any other proof of your inability to work, such as medical records that explain why you cannot return to work following your injury. Copies of your W-2 forms or last year’s tax return may be used to demonstrate income loss.

Report of Police and Witness Statements

Police reports are open to the public. You can request a report online or by mailing two copies of the form to the Police Department or the New York State Police, whichever law enforcement agency responded to the accident.

If your accident involved a slip-and-fall or a work-related injury, law enforcement might not have responded.

If you suffered a workplace injury, your employer may have collected witness statements. If it was an automobile collision, the police may have collected witness statements. It is essential that you collect these documents for your personal injury attorney.

Images or Moving Images

If you took photographs or videos at the accident scene, you must provide them to your attorney.

Ask your attorney how they would like to receive this information. You can also use photographs or videos to visually represent your injury and rehabilitation process.

Vehicle Service Documents

If you were involved in a car accident, it would be advantageous to have your vehicle’s service history.

This demonstrates to the insurance company and the court how well you maintained your vehicle and can assist in determining the amount of compensation you may be entitled to for vehicle repairs.


After an accident, it is beneficial to keep a daily journal of your physical and mental health as it relates to your daily activities, as well as any phone calls, documents, and professional contacts related to your accident and injury.

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