“I just wanted to take a minute to acknowledge and commend your courtroom and legal acumen. Watching you work in the court was as impressive as seeing an artist sketching a canvas. 

The tenor in which you engaged not only the court clerks and staff but also the judge , was captivating. Wine spectator would have described it as a butter smooth delivery with a finish of wet rock, and notes of ADD. 

Another thing I took notice to was your attention to detail and coverage for your client. After negotiating, what I saw as nothing short of an amazing disposition, you went as far to amend the conditions and restrictions on your client’s probation. In my experience , any other attorney would have said ,”be happy with the success of our plea and well work on this later.” The classic job security. You sir , are diligent and thorough. A gentleman. 

My father told me as a boy to always compliment a job well done. In this day and age where the simple things, like this email, are so easy to send, I would be remiss to not take the time out to commend you, job well done.”

Ben is a superb lawyer, an expert in all things law, and an exceptionally warm, caring person. Ben’s name speaks for itself in the courtroom. It is evident that he is highly respected in the local law community on all levels. I trusted him completely to guide me in the right direction to fight my case and the outcome far exceeded my expectations. Ben is by far the best lawyer I have ever worked with. His expertise and intelligence is unmatched and his kindness makes him a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend Ben enough – you will truly feel safe in his hands.

Joshua Gill

I wish I could give him a 1,000 star review. I was facing very serious felony charges and he was the most honest, hardworking, knowledgeable, easy going attorney that never gave up on me even when I gave up on my own self when times got tough and I can never repay him enough for getting me out of trouble. Much love to you and your paralegals putting all the hard work you did into my case and keeping me up to date with everything that was going on with my case and keeping me calm. If you are ever in trouble please don’t hesitate to reach out to him. I was running through attorneys until I met him in the court room and god bless I did as he took care of me like a brother. I can now continue on with my life from a past mistake. God bless you Ben. Forever my attorney and friend from the day I met you and thank you for always picking up the phone when a serious issue arose 🙏🏻. BEST ATTORNEY OUT THERE!!!

ryan cinar

I had the pleasure of working with Benjamin, and I must say, he’s a phenomenal lawyer. Not only was he punctual (early, actually!), but he also ensured that our meeting ran efficiently. We were in and out just five minutes after our scheduled time of 2 pm, which left me pleasantly surprised and satisfied.

What sets Benjamin apart is his honesty and authenticity. He’s not afraid to be real, and his straightforward approach instills confidence. I appreciate his no-nonsense attitude and genuine demeanor. He’s from Brooklyn I didn’t expect anything less!

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with Benjamin’s services. If you’re looking for a lawyer who gets the job done with integrity and efficiency, look no further than Benjamin. He’s the real deal.

When going to his office it’s very simple and there’s plenty of parking space

Thanks again, Benjamin!

Jessica “Peche” Peche

I highly and strongly recommend Mr. Greenwald for your legal problems. From day one Ben was informative and attentive. Not only does he listen to his clients he does everything to fight for you. My first day meeting Ben I cried in his office for about an hour, he made me feel safe and like my voice was being heard. Jess was also so lovely to meet. She is very kind and very helpful as well. Mr. Greenwald is an amazing person inside and out and did everything in his power to help me with my case. He is a very hard worker and once his mind is set to helping you he does EXACTLY that and then some. I am so grateful and thankful to have met Ben <3 Thank you so much!!

Farrah Aquino

I can say once meeting Benjamin Greenwald .I had to hire him his confidence his crew was all i needed . He turned a bad day into outstanding day the results we’re exactly what he stated i recommend any one in a bad situation or in need of an outstanding criminal defense attorney to reachout to him . Thank you Benjamin outstanding job .

Anibal Rivera

I DEFINITELY recommend him!!!! Mr. Greenwald is so amazing hands down. He will not let you down he is very patient, honest, funny and really understanding. He is very knowledgeable. He knows what he is doing and he is very passionate when it comes on to attending to his clients The staff is amazing and very helpful and kind. I thank him so much Wouldn’t know what I would do without him and his team jess and Chareese! They are all hard workers! Keep it up!

Lejanna Duffus

A few months ago, I had a night of poor judgement. After hours of research seeking counsel. I came across Benjamin Greenwald. I gave him a call, I explained my situation. We set a date to meet face to face at his office at 210 East Main Street, Suite 301, Middletown, NY 10940. Immediately I felt a burst of hope after he assured me that all wasn’t lost. He fought tooth and nail getting me the best results and I got my second chance. I will refer him to anyone that has ever hit a bump in the road.

David Clarke

Mr. Benjamin Greenwald is the criminal lawyer for you and everyone in need because he is very knowledgeable and will get you the BEST results. He helped me understand my rights as a Young African American Male living in a not so accepting society. Highly recommend Mr. Benjamin Greenwald for ALL your legal needs especially Criminal. He is definitely the Go-To in Orange County. His staff works closely with him to make sure your needs are met correctly and completely. The moment you meet him you know you are in good hands.

Daniel Price

I can not begin to express the gratitude I have for Mr.Greenwald. Not only is he defending me amazingly, but he has been part of my support system during the most difficult time of my life. He and his staff are always professional and kind. I feel beyond blessed that he is in my corner!! Thank you could never be enough, Ben!! 

B’s Momma

My name is Heidi.

I should have written this a long time ago. I obtained Mr. Greenwald to represent me for a very serious matter about 2 years ago. This man saved my life. He not only is extremely knowledgeable & caring, but he is honest and he will fight harder for his clients then anyone I’ve ever seen. He not only saved me from going to jail, but he opened my mind and heart to things I seriously needed to change. The situation I was in no one wanted to tackle. Mr. Greenwald not only took my case, but he did endless research to make sure that whatever the court would try to say he would he would say it first. His intelligence is remarkable. His manner of speaking is bold yet eloquent. Now I am finally getting my life back and am genuinely happy and I owe it all to him. I have experienced other attorneys in my past they don’t even slightly compare. I highly recommend him to anyone. He handles many types of cases, so please if you are looking for an excellent attorney choose Mr. Greenwald.



Heidi Hoffman

I am so lucky to have found Benjamin Greenwald for my representation. Him and his staff were wonderful at communicating and guiding me through this difficult process. I am extremely thankful of his counsel, services, and results for my representation. Thanks again for everything. You guys are awesome. Shoutout to Jessica for answering my many questions

Miles Maynard

My name is Heidi.

Ben Greenwald did a great job on my case. I was facing a lot of time and he did what he had to do to get me the minimal sentence and I am truly grateful to him for that. He is always professional, hard working and has a great rapport with the judges and court staff. I would recommend him to anyone, and I usually do!!

jose 031310thelyfe

Mr. Greenwald represented our family member. He was professional. He knows the law and worked tiredlessly on his clents behalf. He cares about his clients and works very hard to get the best possible outcome for his client. I would highly recommend Mr. Greenwald in a heartbeat.

Patricia Cruz

I cannot express how incredibly attentive and helpful Mr. Greenwald is. He’s extremely passionate about helping his clients and giving them the best possible solution. If you’re looking for an attorney that will help you through some of the worst times in your life, you can rely on him.

Julissa Sanabria-Markowitz

Great Experience , I Highly Recommend Benjamin Greenwald . 5 Stars Indeed

Brandino Grant

After dealing with several unscrupulous attorneys, my husband and I found honesty and integrity at the Law Office of Benjamin Greenwald. Mr. Greenwald was upfront about possible outcomes and fought hard to make the best of a bad situation. The professionals in this office have been helpful and considerate at all times. It was truly a pleasure to have this team on our side.

Trisha Felix

So early 2021 I had a legal issue where i was pulled over (racially profiled) and Benjamin was able to get me such an incredible deal, the judge even said he’s never heard of it!! Benjamin worked hard on my case and when I was getting antsy, Benjamin assured me that he was getting the best deal for me!!! In the end my charge was a simple driving with bad breaks

Cornell Christian

To whom it may concern,

I, christine; have been an eye witness to Benjamin Greenwald’s knowledge and value of the justice system. I wasn’t just in good hands with him but, his team as well! True crime does exsist and due to the efforts of righteousness by this firm; I have a chance to be the woman I was born to be! I truly pray more people and government officials had the same moral code as this law firm and Benjamin Greenwald. It was an honor to meet such a soul! And I thank you whole heartedly for all you’ve done!!!
P.s. happy holiday’s, stay safe!!!

Christine Adami

Ben is an amazing top of the line lawyer and a true master of his trade. I couldn’t explain my experience of him any simpler than those words. Just by talking to him you can feel that he truly cares and is passionate about what he does.

Long story short, my ticket would have killed my license along with my financial health. I would have gotten nasty hikes to my insurance rate, and piles of fines that the system would have imposed on me. After Ben got done in court, I paid a tiny one time fee for a parking violation! Whew, am I lucky! He helped me beyond any expectation I could have had. I was ready for so much worse.

I wouldn’t use any other lawyer ever, nor would I even think of fighting the system on my own.

Ben is the real deal.


My experience with Ben was great!! He and his staff are very courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and overall good to deal with. As a result of the work and honesty of Ben and his staff, I was able to avoid a very bad business deal, which could have in fact, been financially devastating to me and my family. I am very thankful to have had this law office on my side!

Jeffrey Blanco

Ben Greeneald has had nothing but the best interest in my case that he was involved in. He is very friendly, a pleasure to work with and and an expert in his profession. I suggest anyone to acquire his services if you are looking for a great lawyer. He also has a very professional and knowledgeable staff and have had not but good experiences with this law office.

Burt BlackCurat

Mr. Greenwald and his staff are professional and knowledgeable. The office has represented me with legal matters from several different arenas and all of the matters resulted in my favor. Mr. Greenwald has a very straight forward approach to the law, so you always know what your options are and your likely outcomes. I recommend this office to everyone who requests a referral for law advice. The service and professionalism is simply unparalleled.

Angelica Grant