Why you need a lawyer to fight a misdemeanor charge?  

When facing criminal charges, you have the right of legal counsel. If you are unable to afford a private attorney, the court will appoint a public defense to represent you. Many public defenders are limited in resources and have heavy caseloads.

A criminal lawyer is a better choice to handle your case. An attorney has the experience, time, resources and skills to help you prepare the best defense strategy for your case.

You might be unsure if you require a lawyer to deal with a misdemeanor case. Here are some options:

 A Misdemeanor charge could become a Felony  

A minor criminal offense could turn into a serious felony, as we have already stated. An attorney can help if the case is deemed serious. Your attorney may argue that there are no legal requirements to make the charge a felony.

 You Could Get Your Charges Reduced  

Your lawyer will review your case and determine if the charges against are appropriate. Your lawyer can reduce or dismiss the charges if the facts support a lower charge.

Misdemanor charge lawyer

 Your attorney protects your legal rights  

A conviction is not made by arrest. Your legal rights are valid before, during, or after your arrest. These legal rights will continue until the end of your case.

Your attorney may be able to dismiss charges against you if your legal rights have been violated. Your attorney can petition the court for exclusion of evidence that was gathered because your rights were violated. You could get a dismissal or a not guilty verdict.

 You could spend less time in jail and more money on fines  

Your criminal lawyer may be able to negotiate a plea agreement if the evidence against your case is overwhelming. An experienced criminal lawyer can argue for the lowest sentence possible, particularly if there are mitigating factors. An attorney might also be able to identify weaknesses in the case and convince a prosecutor that a plea deal is better than going to trial.

 An attorney can help you expunge your criminal record  

Your education, career, or custody case can be affected if you have a criminal record. A mistake made ten years back could result in you losing the job that you want.

Benjamin Greenwald can help you to expunge your criminal record if you are found guilty. He is familiar with the process of expunging criminal records in Orange County, New York.

 Guidance and Emotional Support  

Even if the charges are not misdemeanors, facing criminal charges can be stressful. A legal advocate can help you defend your rights and protect your best interests. Your lawyer will guide you through every phase of your criminal case, providing legal advice and support.

 What should you do if you are arrested for a misdemeanor?  

Keep calm. A conviction is not made by an arrest. You can challenge the charges in court.

You could be charged with another crime if you resist arrest. Be polite and keep your mouth shut as much as possible. While you must provide your name, address, and phone number, you are not required answer any questions without a lawyer present.

Tell the officers that you need an attorney. Next, state clearly that you are invoking the right to remain silent. Do not answer any questions, even if you are being questioned by police officers.

It is possible to believe that you can get out of arrest by talking because the charges against you are minor. You cannot. You cannot.

Many people facing misdemeanor charges can be released quickly on bail. At your arraignment hearing, request bail. If you don’t have the money, you can either pay the bail or hire a bail agent.

Stay away from any person involved in your criminal case once you are released from jail. Talking to someone other than your attorney could lead to the person being called to testify at trial.

Follow your attorney’s instructions and stay out of trouble. Let your lawyer do his work.

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You’re not the only one. A legal team can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.