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Counterfeit Waging Attorney Middletown NY

Counterfeit Wagering Instruments Attorney Orange County NY

If a person: • Manufactures, • sells, or • distributes any items that resemble gambling items in a casino with the intent that those items will be used in a casino, or • reasonably should have known that those items would be used in a casino, it will be considered unlawful manufacture, sale, distribution, marking, … Read More

DWI Defense Attorney Middletown NY

The majority of us are aware that driving under the influence is a serious offense that can lead to severe penalties. If you are arrested for DWI, you could face hefty fines, jail time, and the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. Even if (or when) you are allowed to drive again after a … Read More

DWI Attorney Orange County, NY

DWI Attorney Orange County NY

Until recently, nearly all first-time misdemeanor DWI offenders were offered a plea bargain in which they pleaded guilty to the lower charge of driving while ability impaired (DWAI). First-time misdemeanor offenders are no longer offered a plea to the reduced charge if the test result is too high or there was a refusal to take … Read More

dui defense attorney orange county ny

Criminal DUI Lawyer Middletown NY

New York has a zero-tolerance policy on drunk driving. A DUI arrest is alarming because it may happen to anyone. You may believe that drinking a few alcoholic beverages at a workplace party is harmless. But consider what could occur if you subsequently get behind the wheel and fail to come to a complete stop … Read More

drug possession lawyer

Drug Possession Lawyer Orange County NY

In New York, drug possession is one of the most common felonies. People of various ages and social standings frequently own illegal narcotics for their own personal usage. While some argue that possessing a modest amount of drugs for personal use should not be regarded a significant offense, under New York law it is. Even … Read More

drug crimes defense attorney orange county ny

Drug Defense Attorney Orange County NY

Should you use the same attorney you use for wills, real estate, and business matters, or should you hire a criminal defense counsel? You Have Only One Shot You alone are responsible for selecting an attorney. Most people only engage an attorney for criminal defense once. Choosing an attorney is likely the most crucial decision … Read More

drug crimes attormey ny

Drug Crimes Attorney Orange County NY

In the state of New York, a conviction for a drug-related offense might result in the loss of driving privileges and professional licenses, hefty fines, lengthy prison sentences, and a permanent criminal record that could hinder future possibilities to get college financial aid or employment. In the state of New York, drug related offenses are … Read More

kidnapping attorney orange county ny

Kidnapping Attorney Orange County NY

Kidnapping is an extremely serious offense that carries the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence. The majority of kidnappings are charged as second-degree kidnapping, which is a Class B felony under New York Penal Law section 135. If facing these allegations, it is crucial to consult with an experienced New York kidnapping defense attorney. If … Read More

Assault Crimes Attorney Middletown NY

New York Attorneys For Assault

In New York, anyone participating in a physical altercation may be charged with either misdemeanor or felony assault. There are many varying degrees of assault, each with its own charges, legal issues, and sentencing recommendations. Regardless of your charges, it is in your best advantage to retain a professional New York criminal defense attorney. Several … Read More