Two uniformed male police officers listen as a dark-haired woman points and answers questions after they have stopped her for reasonable suspicion.

Can Police Stop Someone For Reasonable Suspicion In New York?

You have legal rights that the police must respect, and one of those rights is not to be detained without reason or for an unreasonable reason. If a police officer initiates a pedestrian or motor vehicle stop, they must have reasonable suspicion, sometimes called reasonable articulable suspicion. What makes a suspicion reasonable instead of unreasonable? … Read More

A New York gun owner sliding handgun into jeans pocket; concealed carry concept.

Concealed Carry Laws In New York: What You Need To Know To Stay Legal

New York has some of the nation’s tightest concealed carry laws, due in part to the passage of the Concealed Carry Improvement Act of 2022, which the Attorney General’s office indicated it would enforce, in the wake of a December 2023 ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit vacating some

When to Hire a Sullivan County NY Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing legal trouble? Don’t go it alone. Discover when it’s necessary to hire a Sullivan County NY criminal defense attorney and how to find the right one for your case. Navigating the complex world of the legal system in Sullivan County, NY can be a daunting experience, especially when you’re facing criminal charges. The stakes … Read More

How are Federal Crimes Classified?

A list and classification of federal offenses A criminal charge can either be at the state, federal, or both levels. You could be charged with the same offense at the federal and state levels. Although most of the charges you might face are state-level charges, it is important to understand the differences between them and … Read More

Why you need a lawyer to fight a misdemeanor charge?  

When facing criminal charges, you have the right of legal counsel. If you are unable to afford a private attorney, the court will appoint a public defense to represent you. Many public defenders are limited in resources and have heavy caseloads. A criminal lawyer is a better choice to handle your case. An attorney has … Read More

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyers for a Misdemeanor Charge?

You should treat all criminal charges seriously. Although misdemeanors are less serious than felony offenses, you still could face jail time, fines and a permanent criminal record, if you’re convicted. A conviction for some misdemeanors in New York can result in severe penalties. It can be helpful to have some knowledge about the common misdemeanors … Read More

New York’s “One Punch” Rule

Criminal law usually requires that you only intended to do the crime, and not that you are aiming for a specific result. A defendant who intentionally shoots another person with a gun and causes them to die can be charged with murder even though they intended to only scare or minorly harm them. However, certain … Read More