New York’s “One Punch” Rule

Criminal law usually requires that you only intended to do the crime, and not that you are aiming for a specific result. A defendant who intentionally shoots another person with a gun and causes them to die can be charged with murder even though they intended to only scare or minorly harm them. However, certain … Read More

Are Domestic Violence Cases Submitted to Trial?

You might have been involved in a fight with your partner and called the police. Your mind may be racing with possible criminal charges and jail sentences and how they could impact your professional and personal lives. Before you jump to any conclusions, please take the time to read this post. First, domestic violence is … Read More

Major Felony Offenses

There are seven major felonies, including murder and rape, robbery as well as felony assault, burglary and grand larceny. It is crucial that you have an experienced and reliable criminal lawyer to represent you if you face a felony case. There is hope with Benjamin Greenwald’s legal representation. A felony conviction can have a major … Read More

FAQs on Domestic Violence

We understand that domestic violence charges can seem scary. These charges can make you uncertain about your future and have lasting consequences that go well beyond the day in court. Every domestic violence case is unique, so we recommend that you keep this in mind. The Law Offices of Benjamin Greenwald can help you with … Read More

 Do you really need a criminal defense attorney?  

Many people who are facing criminal charges don’t know if it is worth it to get a criminal lawyer. They could be found guilty in either direction. A public defender could do the same job. Not quite. Here are three reasons to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after you have been … Read More

kidnapping attorney orange county ny

Kidnapping Attorney Orange County NY

Kidnapping is an extremely serious offense that carries the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence. The majority of kidnappings are charged as second-degree kidnapping, which is a Class B felony under New York Penal Law section 135. If facing these allegations, it is crucial to consult with an experienced New York kidnapping defense attorney. If … Read More

Assault Crimes Attorney Middletown NY

New York Attorneys For Assault

In New York, anyone participating in a physical altercation may be charged with either misdemeanor or felony assault. There are many varying degrees of assault, each with its own charges, legal issues, and sentencing recommendations. Regardless of your charges, it is in your best advantage to retain a professional New York criminal defense attorney. Several … Read More

domestic violence attorney middletown ny

Domestic Violence Lawyer Orange County NY

Whether you have been mistreated or have been accused of abuse, any domestic violence situation requires prompt action. Find a lawyer who has the legal expertise to respond quickly and appropriately to prevent further damage. Our domestic abuse attorneys at The Law Offices of Benjamin Greenwald have years of combined expertise in the family law … Read More