Armed Robbery Attorney Middletown NY

In New York, a person is convicted of armed robbery if they are in possession of or use a lethal weapon while forcibly stealing something or immediately fleeing following the theft. Armed robbery falls within the broader category of first-degree robbery, which is a class B felony and carries a maximum 25-year jail sentence. While these charges are serious, our skilled New York criminal defense attorneys are prepared to help you understand and defend against them.

armed robbery attorney middletown ny

Examples of “deadly weapons” include loaded weapons from which a shot can cause significant injury or death, switchblades, daggers, blackjacks, plastic or metal knuckles, gravity-based ballistics, and metal knuckle knives.

The use of a dangerous weapon during a robbery has a mandatory minimum of five years in state prison upon conviction. Because the charges and potential sentence upon conviction are severe, contact our skilled New York criminal defense attorneys immediately for assistance in obtaining the best possible outcome for your case.

Keep in mind that no real injury must occur during the robbery for these charges to be brought; it is sufficient that the robber have one of the above-mentioned weapons. Even if the weapon was never used, for example, if the robber held an unsheathed switchblade but never used it for anything, not even to threaten anyone, they could still be charged with armed robbery. Note that even if no weapon was used during the crime itself, a person can still be charged with armed robbery if they are armed or become armed as they leave the location where the robbery took place.

However, you still have choices if you have been charged with attempted robbery. Our team of skilled criminal defense attorneys may be able to use various defenses to these charges, such as filing a request to dismiss the charges or having the evidence suppressed, notwithstanding the gravity of the allegations. Additionally, the evidence must demonstrate that the weapon was present while or throughout the process of fleeing the crime scene. Previous instances have demonstrated that the appearance of a note suggesting or declaring that the robber is armed is insufficient evidence to convict a person of armed robbery. In this argument, it is asserted that more thorough evidence of the existence of a weapon is required, such as a witness having seen the weapon or video or photographic evidence of the weapon’s existence during or after the heist.

Call the Benjamin Greenwald Law Office. If you have been charged with armed robbery in New York, contact our team of skilled criminal defense attorneys immediately to discuss possible defenses with them. Our team is prepared to collaborate with you to determine the optimal course of action for achieving the best possible outcome in your case.

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