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Unlawful Gaming Property Possession Attorney Orange County NY

New York has enacted several measures to safeguard the integrity of games of chance played in licensed casinos. Such prohibitions include statutes making the use of counterfeit wagering instruments illegal. The organizations that regulate gambling facilities have stringent rules for the permissible instruments. You may have committed a felony if you possess, produce, sell, or … Read More

Possession of Unlawful Gaming Property Attorney Orange County, NY

Use of Unlawful Gaming Property Attorney Orange County NY

For years, gaming has been a popular pastime in New York. Unfortunately, because of the enormous sums of money involved, gaming has also been plagued by widespread cheating. People have, for instance, utilized counterfeit chips and sought to modify electronic gaming machines to boost their chances of winning. To address the issue, New York passed … Read More

Gaming Fraud Attorney Orange County, NY

Unlawful Distribution of Gaming Equipment Attorney Orange County NY

The criminal laws of New York prohibit illegal gambling operations. These laws do not criminalize placing bets or participating in gambling as a player for personal profit or enjoyment. Even though those involved with illegal gambling businesses may generally be charged with either misdemeanor or felony level gambling offenses — often at the discretion of … Read More

Manipulation of Gaming Outcomes Attorney Middletown NY

Manipulation of Gaming Outcomes Attorney Orange County NY

A person commits manipulation of gaming outcomes if that person: • alters the game of chance by implementing or being allowed to use gambling items that are intended to deceive or change the outcome of the game; • allows or implements materially altered gambling devices; • allows or implements non-casino approved gambling items; • alters the … Read More

Gaming Fraud Attorney Middletown NY

Gaming Fraud Attorney Orange County NY

A person engages in fraudulent gaming when they violate the regulations of a casino in order to gain an advantage. This includes equipment designed to interfere with the operation of a gambling machine, counterfeit gambling items, and the possession of any device that could facilitate fraudulent gaming. Here are several gaming practices that will be … Read More

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Counterfeit Wagering Instruments Attorney Orange County NY

If a person: • Manufactures, • sells, or • distributes any items that resemble gambling items in a casino with the intent that those items will be used in a casino, or • reasonably should have known that those items would be used in a casino, it will be considered unlawful manufacture, sale, distribution, marking, … Read More